Co-authors: Jon Bransky and Stacey Maggiore

Our showcase website was a new sort of challenging. I had much more responsibility over the direction of this site. I worked with the branding team much more closely this year. I didn't just code a took feedback and had concepts and ideas rejected. For both brand and time constraints.

To Infinity and Design

Co-authors: Eddie Croissant, Yohiede Jimenez, and Jamie Emery

Working on this site was a lot of fun. One of the challenges of this site, was displaying so many profiles of students. Especially once we were looking at the site on a mobile device. I found another bit of code that scrolled images horizontally. We then divided the graduating class into equal sections for each side-scroll.

Design Speak Volume 7

Co-authors: Jon Bransky, Nafees Mamnoon, and Tyler Stover

Design Speak is a compilation of interviews of design professionals, conducted and laid out by students. This year was the first time it was translated from print to web. We designed a simple template for our classmates to place their work.

Ripe & Ready app

An app that helps the user pick out fresh groceries at the store. The target audience is younger, familiar with technology and user interface components. Prototyped in InVision. Future updates include: seasonal produce search filter, proximity map, linking store loyalty programs, and import options from other apps for ingredients with recipes. Such as Pinterest and Instagram and even from PDFs.


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